Adoption Rocks Featured on NBC 15

Adoption Rocks was the subject of a feature story during NBC 15’s “Charity Spotlight”, sponsored by McConnell Automotive, on Friday, November 26th.

See the full segment here

Not sure where to turn when it comes to adoption? Adoption Rocks is the right place to start! Adoption Rocks has as its mission, educating birthmothers, prospective adoptive families and the community about the adoption process.

Adoption Rocks is a non-profit organization located in Mobile,  Alabama. Search our web site for stories from birth mothers who placed their child for adoption, an explanation of the differences between open adoption and closed adoption, and to find adoption resources. We are here to answer any adoption questions and to help you through a time of uncertainty and confusion. We hope you can leave here with an adoption option that will make you smile!

Who we are...

Adoption Rocks is a non-profit organization that provides adoption help, information and adoption resources in Mobile, AL and other areas of Alabama for women facing an unplanned pregnancy and couples seeking adoption. For confidential, compassionate adoption assistance contact any attorney, adoption agency or social worker listed on our resources page.

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