Looking for answers when it comes to building your family through adoption? There is a lot of information to navigate through when it comes to adoption. Adoption Rocks supports families by providing resources on whom to contact when it comes to adopting as well as providing adoptive couples an outlet to place their parent profiles for birth mothers to view.

Adoption Rocks is not an adoption agency. We are a non-profit group that provides resources to help navigate through the adoption process. Below are a list of resources and questions that are helpful to couples looking to adopt, especially those who want to adopt in Alabama.

• What is the difference between an adoption attorney and an adoption agency?

Every attorney is different as well as every adoption agency. In Alabama, you must use an adoption attorney if you want to adopt outside the state of Alabama, also known as an interstate adoption. Using an adoption attorney does not limit your adoption search to a specific state.

Another big difference is your involvedness in the adoption process. An adoption attorney allows you to have more control in your adoption search. They will recommend that you send letters to family and friends about your interest in adopting so they may help you in your adoption search. By using an adoption agency, you have less control over your adoption search. By using an adoption agency, you have placed it in the agency’s hands to find a birth mother and adoptive child. Agencies are also allowed to set limits on couples age, religion, how many couples they work with, etc… Your level of comfort and financial means may help you determine which way is best for you.

• What is a parent profile?

Whether you go through an adoption agency or an adoption attorney you will need to put together a story of your family. This can be in the form of a scrapbook, photo book, or web site that includes pictures and information about you and your spouse, your interests, hobbies, lifestyle and any other information that would be helpful to a birth mother who is looking for a family to place her baby with.

• What is an adoption home study?

An adoption home study is a process where you and your spouse are evaluated on your ability to care for a child by a licensed social worker. You must have a home study completed to have a finalized adoption in any state. See Adoption home study providers.

• What are the costs of a domestic adoption?

Costs vary for every adoption. Definite costs are your home study and fees which are around $1000 or more. Birth mothers are able to receive financial assistance from the adoptive parents during pregnancy and this is part of the birth mother’s adoption plan. Adoption attorneys tend to be less expensive than adoption agencies. Some agencies are for-profit and some are non-profit. In the state of Alabama an adoption tax credit is available to qualifying adoptions.

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Adoption Rocks is a non-profit organization that provides adoption help, information and adoption resources in Mobile, AL and other areas of Alabama for women facing an unplanned pregnancy and couples seeking adoption. For confidential, compassionate adoption assistance contact any attorney, adoption agency or social worker listed on our resources page.
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